Wednesday, 25 October 2017
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University of Toronto Scarborough’s biggest annual multi-disciplinary arts festival has celebrated its 10th anniversary on October 5th, 2017. Every year, ARTSIDEOUT connects physical and conceptional spaces around the campus, showcasing a wide variety of art created by and for students and the Scarborough community. This year’s vision,“Collected Stories”, focused on exploring the complexities of historical and contemporary Canadian identities to cultivate rich and diverse narratives found within our communities. Annual tradition and the symbol of festival, the cube, was installed this year to be served as a storage unit and the information booth, as a site for participants to share their stories with others.

This year, approximately 30 student organizers from different programs and disciplines participated. The volunteer program which secured over 200 volunteers, volunteer leaders, clubs and DSA’s (ARTSA, Caribbean Connections UTSC, The Mental Unity Club, TEDxUTSC, UTSC Glee Club, Let’s Talk Science, Move U, Visual Art Association to name a few), the SCSU, the Department of Humanities, as well as Fusion Radio contributed to celebrate creativity and unity within UTSC.

The day began with studio artworks displayed at BV and AA 3rd floor, as well as HW309. One interesting installation was “Time Is Not Regular As We Experience Everyday” by Michelle Vong, including a futuristic background music with neon strips under black lights, which made the entire room look like it was full of laser lights crossing over the space. Special studio projects by University of Toronto graduates included “Flowers I Never Sent You” by Christopher Dela Cruz, which was a “durational sculpture that expresses ideas about the preservation and inevitable destruction of memories”, “Summer Is Over”, a multi-media installation by Rosalie H Maheux, and video-work of Alan Peng: “Does This Make Me Canadian?”.

Bands, spoken-word, solo, and many other acts performed at the Student Center and SW quad throughout the day. Special performances include “Take to the Sky” by Ramya Ledchumanan, who started her own business called Let’s Cake and created beautiful artwork using cake, as well as a rap performance by Toronto native Andrew Esquimaux, a.k.a. Silentz, who uses his music to inspire people, drawing from street and community conflicts. Lastly, “Concealer Is for Blemishes Not Pigmentation” by Thilini Seevakireedam, Kimberly Cumming, and Jessie Whyte explored “identity, diversity, and exclusion through the point of view of a POC female living in North America by exploring the use of makeup and popular North American beauty trends”.

There were also special programming happening during the festival, such as Silent Dance Party by our own Fusion Radio at AA209, story time activities with the N’sheemaehn daycare, Native Child and Family Services of Toronto: 7th Generation Image Makers Exhibition, Poetry in the Patio including talented performers from Scarborough Fair, Acoustic Garden at Japanese Cherry Grove, Story Telling Workshop near the fire pit in collaboration with Residence Life, and the huge Scarborough Sign located at the Student Centre Hill with the community partner Scarborough Arts.

Lastly, the Meeting Place was used for the events of the day, such as the Art Market and exhibited projects of students in the “Foundation Studies in Studio”. 150 Neighbors; community project supported by the Government of Canada, and PAINTSIDEOUT; collective painting event which everyone was welcomed to participate was also grabbing a lot of attention. Last but not least, clubs special projects included “Missing: Our Voice” by Future Black Physicians; “photo series featuring POC with taped mouths representing the way people with mental illness felt they’ve had to suffer in silence in Black community” and “UTSC Through Our Veins” by BioSA, a two-piece mural represented and connected the values of U of T Scarborough, BioSA and ARTSIDEOUT.

Organizers and supporters concluded the festival with After the Dark, after party of the festival, with the help of Fusion Radio. Final speeches, thanks, and awards were given along with live performances. 10th anniversary of ARTSIDEOUT was concluded, leaving everyone satisfied and waiting for the next ones ahead.

Happy 10 years ArtSideOut! Cheers to many more years.

Ayse Barut
Edited by Ramisa Tasfia

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