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Referendum Results

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    Scarborough Campus Community Radio is pleased to announce that a majority of students who voted in the fee referendum supported the increase.

    Members were asked: Do you support the increase of Scarborough Campus Community Radio’s fee to $12.85 per academic session as of Summer 2017 onward?

    The Chief Returning Officer has reported the following numbers:

    43 ‘yes’ votes
    16 ‘no’ votes

    Thank you to everyone who cast their votes in the referendum. The referendum process still needs final approval by governance bodies of the university, namely the Campus Council.

    Fusion Radio is looking forward to better serving our campus community in the upcoming years and are excited to bring over-the-air broadcasting back to the Scarborough Campus of the University of Toronto.

    You can view the original results post at http://fusionradio.ca/referendum-results/

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