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Student Fee Referendum 2016

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    Join us at a meeting of members on September 30th, 2016 (location to be announced) to learn more about, and discuss, the student fee referendum which will be voted on by members September 30th and October 3rd, 2016 in the BV atrium building near Tim Horton’s.

    Scarborough Campus Community Radio Inc. (SCCR, also known as Fusion Radio) is seeking consent from its members to increase its student fee. The proposed increase is for $8 per term, from $4.85 to $12.85. The increase would come into effect in the 2017 Summer academic session (for registered full-time undergraduate students at the University of Toronto Scarborough).

    Fusion Radio currently broadcasts radio online 24/7 (fusionradio.ca) with many different show hosts and DJs. To fund the expansion and bring over-the-air broadcasting back to UTSC, as well as increase the quality and accessibility of a range of services that we provide for the University, campus groups, and students, we require more adequate funding. Help us realize the dream of an over-the-air campus radio station at UTSC as well as increased opportunities for our students and community members.

    The purpose of this requested increase is to:

    1. Allow for over-the-air broadcasting expansion (radio equipment upgrades, tower implementation and CRTC/Industry Canada licensing) and achieve the goal of having a legitimate campus radio station at the University of Toronto Scarborough (both St. George and Mississauga currently have FM radio stations).
    2. Provide additional support and staff opportunities, with a focus on employing students and providing more merit based grants, club sponsorships, and live event services such as sound, video, lighting and news coverage.
    3. Facilitate on-campus student talent and media skills development.
    4. Increase the reputation of UTSC by offering industry quality radio, media production, and networking services to its students.
    5. Provide necessary capital to invest in opportunities that will benefit and engage the campus and community such as celebrity talent for events/concerts.

    Fusion Radio will require additional funding if we hope to reach some of our new expansion goals, especially relating to licensing and radio expansion. This is exciting and promising, however with new opportunities comes new associated costs.

    For those students who are seeking more information, it is available online on our website and upon request at our offices. We encourage anyone to download our constitution and by-laws, and also read documents associated with us as a University of Toronto Student Society, namely the Handbook for Student Societies. All relevant information is available online or in our offices in advance of the referendum.

    For the referendum, members will be asked a question regarding an increase in the student fee that Scarborough Campus Community Radio collects each semester, from $4.85 to $12.85, and a student can vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this change. The ballot describes the amount and purpose of the change. The change would start in the Summer 2017 term (and continue on, including during Summer sessions) and be applicable only to full-time undergraduate students at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

    REFERENDA QUESTION: Do you support the increase of Scarborough Campus Community Radio’s fee to $12.85 per academic session as of Summer 2017 onward?

    Section 3.02 Annual Membership Fee, would if successfully supported and approved, effectively be changed to:

    The annual membership fee shall be: $12.85 for the fall semester, $12.85 for the winter semester, and $12.85 for the summer semester.

    Please download our constitution and by-laws for more.

    Questions can be answered using this forum. Voting will take place on September 30th, 2016 and October 3rd, 2016, at the University of Toronto Scarborough in the BV building.

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    Is there a set required percentage of the student body that has to be “present” in order for this election to be valid?

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    This is a referendum to change our by-laws, specifically the fee for members. Members do not have to be present other than to case their vote at the designated polling station, which will be in the BV building (outside Tim Horton’s) on September 30th and/or October 3rd starting at 10am and running until 5pm.

    The University of Toronto’s student society regulations do not require any specific number of voters in relation to the total amount eligible, and the SCCR By-Laws do not require any specific number of voters with regards to a referendum. A referendum, however, if initiated by member vote (which was done at our annual general meeting earlier this year), requires quorum for the meeting at which it is approved, in which 50 active members must be eligible to vote on the motion (25 members must be physically present) to conduct the referendum.

    If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to post again, check the website for more information, and/or email the Chief Returning Officer directly at cro@fusionradio.ca or the SCCR President at president@fusionradio.ca

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