Production Studio Terms

The production studio terms will apply to any booking, usage, or attendance in Fusion Radio’s facilities. The studio will be rented out at a rates specified at the time of booking. Every hour that is booked will be charged the fee, or deducted from your available balance or credits, unless cancelled within 24 hours’ advance notice, or within 2 hours of having booked the session time. These time-frames are firm and hours that begin late cannot run over their allotted time block. Payments will coincide with use of facilities and collected in advance or at the time of use. Unused time does not roll over, however balance in credit account remains for up to 1 year.

You acknowledge you have read our Community Standards, and acknowledge that any breach of terms, including garbage, will result in a fine of $20 per incident/occurrence. No food or drinks are allowed in the recording studio room at all, and this will likely lead to you being restricted from access. All settings and equipment in the production studio should be placed back into its original place and/or settings. Failure to do will result in suspension of privileges/cancellation of any agreement. If a booking is cancelled due to any infraction relating to these rules or our community standards, or due to breach of any Fusion Radio or overarching SCCR policy, the entirety of that session, or any session within 24 hours, will be forfeited alongside any remaining subsequent bookings. Credit balance amounts in user accounts will be returned. Any appeal on a decision made by the Studio Associate must first be directed toward the active Station Manager. If the matter is not wholly addressed according to the rules by the acting Manager, a final appeal may be made to the presiding Scarborough Campus Community Radio Board of Directors.

Production studio equipment and the Fusion Radio offices are under surveillance at all times and any damage should be immediately reported. Forcing us to investigate camera footage will not help any situation. You are personally liable for the equipment when using the facilities and responsible for any guests or others present, this includes even minor undue damage or unreasonable wear and tear. Any guests who attend must have their identification submitted prior to accessing the facilities (2 pieces, 1 must have an address). All guests must sign a Community Standards agreement form and be approved by the attending Fusion Radio staff. We reserve the right to restrict access to the production studio and/or the Fusion Radio offices.

All production studio bookings/modifications are to be made through the online booking system, or if not in service for any reason, via contacting the appropriate staff member(s)/supervisor (usually the studio associate/audio engineer). Production sessions must have a designated supervisor present in attendance for the complete duration. Studio users must take into account potential availability when designating their schedule, and book as early as possible to avoid lack of availability. Unfortunately, some sessions may have to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances, although this time will be credited into the user’s account or refunded.

Any booking may be terminated at any time, by either party. If terminated by the studio user outside of the accepted period (24 hours in advance, or within 2 hours of making the booking), there will be no refunds of already invoiced amounts as we may have otherwise booked that time-slot. Existing arrangements for production services do not reflect involvement of Fusion Radio with any other parties or entities. The availability of the production studio for use maintains one sole purpose, which is to make industry standard studio production services available to students and other direct community members.

Fusion Radio thanks you for your participation under these terms in order to keep things smooth, safe, enjoyable and productive for everyone!