A Radio Host Running For Mayor?

A Radio Host Running For Mayor?

Monday, 16 October 2017

Not surprising that a passionate radio host with energy, charisma, and honesty would have their name pop up in a poll for mayor. In fact, many Torontonians are in support of this movement.

2017 has been a rollercoaster for citizens that are unsatisfied with #TOpoli (See Toronto Politics hashtag on twitter). However, there are many other reasons for the lack of satisfaction, and right now there is some uproar over candidates for Toronto’s next mayor.

We know that John Tory has been the mayor of Toronto since 2014 and that he is still a candidate for 2018’s election; but some people of Toronto want a change of scene, and that change can come from electing Desmond Cole. Desmond Cole, a radio show host and author at Toronto Life, has had his name pop-up in a poll for potential candidates in the 2018 election. His charisma, energy, and lived experience as a P.O.C. in Toronto makes him a great candidate for mayor, he also is well known for his honesty, and keeping his viewers/listeners in the know.

The idea of having a new face running for mayor is pretty exciting, but it’s a hard game to play considering that not everyone agrees with this change. In this election, a majority of people would still re-elect John Tory. Desmond himself is aware of the changes that can and should be made in the city; however, he says he wouldn’t run “unless he thought he could win.” With all his approaches to this topic, he implies that he likes the idea of running but contrasts between his interests and reality; his reality is that he doesn’t need to enforce these changes, rather anyone else can bring the necessary change.

“If we offer people a bolder politics, a lot of people will respond to it,” Cole states. Cole also notices that the dreams of this city, of the people in this city, have been fading away. “We just need to imagine something better for the city.”

This whole thing is a trip for Torontonians and for Cole himself, it would be interesting to see how this all plays out; his perspective on #TOpoli is unique. It’d be nice to have a P.O.C. as mayor for a change, but that’s all for Desmond and the people of Toronto to decide.

On the other hand, 19% of Torontonians believe Drake should be mayor! I don’t think we are opposed to that either!

-Hershey Fajardo
Edited by Ramisa T

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