Radio Project

Fusion Radio has brought forth our radio project plan and are currently undergoing the process of obtaining an over-the-air frequency band and being approved for broadcast by Industry Canada and the CRTC. More information will be available as we complete more phases of implementation and complete further consultation with engineers and licensing experts, as well as the University of Toronto.

Early on, a preliminary frequency analysis for FM identified some available frequency bands, however, their possibility of viable use were later dismissed:

Fusion Radio FM Project – Proposal

Fusion Radio FM Project – Preliminary Analysis

A new preliminary analysis for AM frequencies was conducted recently and identified multiple bands available, with one specifically meeting the criteria Fusion Radio was seeking in terms of its radio project and expansion within the city of Toronto. Currently the preparation of a CRTC application is underway as we work toward obtaining licensing and establishing a broadcasting tower setup within the next year on the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. This endeavour, among others, has been supported by our 2016 student levy fee increase referendum that was recently approved by university governance in early February of 2017, effective for the fee levy starting September of 2017. This is exciting news and we hope to bring you over-the-air broadcasting licensing before the end of 2018:

Fusion Radio – AM Feasibility Report

Fusion Radio – University of Toronto Scarborough Administrative Meeting – Sep. 22nd

Scarborough Campus Community Radio executives have twice met recently with University of Toronto Scarborough administration to discuss our radio project and plans to implement a tower for broadcasting on campus. We have additionally identified a newly available FM frequency that we are conducting an additional analysis for. There are multiple prospects available and Fusion Radio is being proactive on each front. While we have made efforts to expedite the overall process, students must understand the extensive nature of the upcoming tasks, especially the physical building aspects, and the time it can take to effectively plan and execute such an impactful addition to our campus.