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Fusion Radio now offers a range of services for UTSC students and affiliated clubs and organizations. Many of these services are free for certain events and are provided at a low cost for others.

  • Media Broadcasting
    • Training
    • Radio show hosting opportunities
    • Live events and concerts
    • Podcasting and streaming
  • Media Recording
    • Video and photography
    • Aerial drone (up to 4k resolution) video footage and photography
    • GoPro (up to 4k resolution) video footage and photography
    • Nikon DSLR video and photography
    • Video production tools (MacPro hardware, Pro Tools, M-Audio interface etc.)

New recording studio that is available for around-the-clock student booking. Record your album or learn how to use professional grade equipment at Fusion Radio.

  • Professional Production
    • Sound engineering (mixing and/or mastering)
    • Sound engineering (mixing and/or mastering)
    • Tools such as hardware mixing equipment and digital software

Please use our contact form or reach out to us directly by calling us. In addition to the services offered below, we also offer scholarships and volunteer opportunities, including radio show hosting that pays via the DJ Rewards Program.

Please also make sure to read our community standards to get acquainted with the do’s and don’ts at Fusion Radio.